Portrait Photography in the Hollister and Branson, MO area

Bold Tree Photography, located in the Hollister and Branson, MO area, is dedicated to creating beautiful portraits that your future generations will cherish forever.

It is more than a photo session, it is an experience. You get a celebrity style makeover, that includes hair and makeup. And more importantly, you get to see yourself as the beautiful person you are. Do this alone, or bring your mom, sister, best friend or lover to join in the fun.

If it is a glamour shoot you’re looking for or a professional head shot, we want to create the look that is all you, so reach out and let’s start planning!

Bold Tree Photography

Maternity and Newborn Photography

Maternity and Newborn Photography

Babies are so sweet and remind us of the preciousness of life. Tiny fingers and toes grow so fast, and you will wish you could touch them that little again. That is why I love offering the option of having your your favorite poses compiled into a book or magazine. It is such a cool way to have it all. I adore wall art, but you can’t get everything on the walls!
Note: Newborn Photography is best the first 10 days of arrival.

Senior Photography

Senior Photos 

Senior Photography

As your child grows they keep things so busy all the time. Sports, dance and friends become a major factor in the, “life just flew by” experience. I want you to have artwork on your walls, and books on your shelf of the times that make you smile.

What your seniors want

They want to do what they want to do. So that is exactly what we will do. If it is sports or music, skating or volunteering…I will capture what makes them who they are.




Family Photography

Your Family is Everything, Shouldn’t They Be the Stars of Your Walls?

Toddler to Teens – Photography for all Stages in Life




Once in a lifetime moments come and go quickly. No matter the season, it is always a beautiful time to capture your masterpiece.


Pet Photography


Our pets are just as much our children as anyone’s newborn or toddler. They actually act like a toddler a lot longer. My messy, always demanding I play or lay with her dog-ter is my sunshine. My niece said, “Aunt Jennie, you love dogs so much!” To which I replied, “well yeah!! They love us just as much.” And they really do.

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